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Restaurant & Bar


We at Shozan are available for private events and parties to suit your needs, as well as the restaurant and bar

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Former sous-chef of Shozankan Padrino del Shozan and a dedicated Japanese chef collaborate to create a unique dining experience.


You can enjoy seasonal dishes that incorporate Japanese elements in a course meal based on French cuisine.


We offer a "pairing course" that allows you to enjoy various types of sake and wine, and our sommelier will also be happy to suggest a sake or wine to suit your wishes.



Bar is available on a walk-in basis with no reservations. Our bar is a welcoming place for everyone, including those visiting alone.

We mainly serve wine and sake, and offer a wide range of options from a glass of wine to flights, as well as a food pairing menu.

For our extensive wine list, which is recognized as one of the best in Japan, please ask our sommelier.


​Private use​

Our staff with extensive experience in banquet and event planning will attend to your needs and provide support from planning to the day of the event.

we provide the distinctive quality of Shozan's dishes and our refined service.

Seated: 40 persons
Bar: 7 persons 
*Adjustable by layout


Renovated Katsyama's old sake brewery*, built in the Edo period, into a restaurant

*The brewery now relocated to the foot of Mt Izumigatake; sake brewing continued in this former brewery until 2003.


Pairing courses where you can enjoy a variety of sake and wine to match the dishes

Also available by the glass or bottle, as well as
non-alcoholic pairings.

Katsuyama sake and wine are available for purchase

Please feel free to drop by the reception.
If you find a brand you like during your dining experience, please let us know. We will present the bottle(s) to you upon leaving.


Follow us to check seasonal new menus and special offers


Available in 日本語, English and 華語(中文)

Euka Isawa, the owner of Shozan and who has been in charge of Katsuyama Brewery's overseas exports, will be your host and guide you into the world of Katsuyama.

  • [Private brewery tour] & Katsuyama Maker's Dinner ¥99,000/person incl. tax
    [Private brewery tour] & Katsuyama Maker's Dinner ¥99,000/person incl. tax
    Private tour of Katsuyama Brewery, closed to the public, followed by the Maker's Dinner at Shozan *Available in Japanese, English, and Chinese. *Available from 4 persons. *Only offered on Thursdays and Fridays. *5 items of Katsuyama sake served. *A set of premium Katsuyama sake as a souvenir is included(Items vary depending on the course) . **Please enquire separately if you wish to book for a larger group. Hosted by Euka Isawa, the owner of Shozan and who has been in charge of Katsuyama Brewery's overseas exports, will guide you through a Katsuyama sake pairing experience. She is available in Japanese, English and Chinese. Guests can take home a set of premium Katsuyama sake as a souvenir (contents vary depending on the course).
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